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North Carolina Central School of Law 

Scholarship Recipient


“While a student at NC Central School of Law, I became the first recipient of the Julian T. Pierce Scholarship in 2003 when Mr. Arnold Locklear, a 1973 graduate of NCCU Law, and others, organized a hugely successful fundraiser in Pembroke to support the scholarship. Receiving the scholarship shortly after separating from the U.S. Air Force was a huge help financially for me and my family. However, learning about Julian and his commitment to our community is what has been the greatest benefit of the scholarship for me, even today. Julian’s resolve and willingness not to sit idly by as problems lingered in our community is one of the guiding principles I adopted in my own life. It’s my hope that all of us have the wherewithal to further Julian’s legacy by taking on challenges that others only complain about.”


Joshua D. Malcolm

UNC Pembroke

General Counsel





“Going back to law school to pursue a second career proved to be both stressful and financially taxing. Receiving the Julian T. Pierce scholarship helped alleviate the burden. More importantly, learning about the man who the scholarship honored, instilled a desire to complete the task of finishing law school and ultimately the task of
serving others as Mr. Pierce did."


Kelvin Jacobs

UNC Pembroke

Assitant General Counsel





The Julian Pierce Scholarship gave me the opportunity to excel beyond measures and be the best student I could possibly be, by allowing me to not only focus on my education but to retain clarity in my goals and remain passionate in my future profession. This scholarship has made it possible for me to accept a position post grad; due to my drive, ambition and relentless work ethic. All of this was made possible by this scholarship. I am forever indebted and thankful.


Joshua Riggs

JD Candidate 2018





Being a recipient of the scholarship allowed me the space and freedom to focus on what was really The scholarship also gives me an opportunity to take a position after graduation that is aligned with my passions and desires instead of a bigger paycheck. I am forever grateful. 


Miss Stacy L. Hannah

JD Candidate 2019





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