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Robeson County College 
Scholarship Recipients

The Julian T. Pierce Memorial Scholarship was established at Robeson Community College in 2013 through a collaborative effort between Robeson Community College, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, North Carolina Central University, and North Carolina Legal Aid.


The Julian T. Pierce Memorial Initiative has been formed to insure that Julian’s life and contributions are remembered, recognized, honored, and celebrated.  The scholarship is awarded to a student who is a resident of Robeson County with a GPA of 3.0 or better.





Bethany Oxendine RN

RCC ADN Class 2015

The Julian T. Pierce Scholarship meant I have the wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of my patients. I'm able to minister with love, care, compassion, nursing skill and advocacy. This scholarship brought light to my life so I can be a light and help to my patients and families.

Billie Jo Locklear

2014-2015 Academic year recipient

Her major is Pre-health PN



Kimberly Fuqua

2015-2016 academic year recipient

I'm so very thankful for the Julian T. Pierce scholarship for several reasons. The first being that the scholarship allowed assistance in me pursuing my lifelong dream of graduating college. Being a Native American single mom while trying to work can be hard but the scholarship money allowed me to put some monies away without the stress of working 40 hours a week. Also, the scholarship benefited me in allowing me to equip myself with the necessary tools to be successful in school such as a laptop and Wi-Fi in my home. I'm blessed to have received the scholarship!

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